Tipper Crush

An exciting, modern method of treating and preventing lameness issues in dairies is the Tipper crush (or lameness crush). 

The Tipper Crush is extremely useful – it tips the entire cow onto her side and secures all four feet for examination.  In this way we can detect problems in feet that are not yet lame and allows issues in all four feet to be treated much quicker. The procedure is much less stressful on the cow than individually lifting and treating each foot.  

Another advantage of the Tipper crush is the ability to begin preventative hoof care for cows, particularly useful in the period just before they are dried off so they can return to the dairy with good feet.  We trim the claws to create a better walking angle and prevent problems such as axial wall cracks from occurring in high numbers. This is particularly relevant for farms that get a lot of overgrown toes or “slipper” claws that are prone to developing lameness.

The Tipper crush is also capable of handling bulls and we routinely assess bulls in this manner for their Pre-mating Assessments and can apply slippers/pads to their claws to prevent bull failure during the mating period.

Teat seal application is also another routine function of the Tipper Crush, especially in heifers. This is a well-proven technique for reducing the incidence of mastitis.

Mastitis and lameness are two significant costs of the Dairy industry and bull failure can be a disastrous event for Beef farmers. Take advantage of our Tipper Crush service to reduce the cost of lame cows, bull failure and mastitis on your farm. These preventative management strategies have been tested and proven over many years to be highly cost effective – we can save you money.

The crush is fixed onto a trailer and can be taken onto most farms with relative ease.  If you are interested in our Tipper Crush services, please ring the Willunga clinic on 08 8556 2075 to express your interest.

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