Dairy and Beef Consultancy Advice

Willunga Veterinary Services has a significant component of cattle work. We commonly see emergency and routine cases, however we place particular emphasis on disease prevention and as such we have developed a strong reputation for quality advice based on our consultancy service.

Our range of large animal services include:

  • Ambulatory services such as obstetrics, lameness, surgery and treatment of general medical cases
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Herd Reproductive advice
  • Heifer management
  • Bull management, testing and accreditation
  • Mating programs and Sire selection
  • Calf Rearing
  • Nutrition
  • Herd Health management – prevention and treatment of disease
  • Vaccination and Worm control
  • Biosecurity advice
  • Protocol Development
  • Animal introductions and Acquisition checks
  • Milk quality advice and investigations
  • Mastitis advice
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Record Keeping
  • Disease investigation

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