Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

We are able to perform a large range of surgical procedures from soft tissue surgeries to certain orthopaedic procedures.We utilise the MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure), a modern orthopaedic procedure, to address cruciate ligament injuries in dogs.

All surgeries are fully monitored – oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are closely observed on our capnograph and body temperature and blood pressure are regularly checked. All patients also receive intravenous fluids during their anaesthetic, pre-oxygenation if indicated and post-operative pain relief. In some instances, more complex surgeries require an overnight stay but basic cases are usually a day procedure.

Follow-up phone calls and revisits form a vital part of our service to ensure your pet recovers uneventfully and pain free. On occasion we may recommend and can organise for you, referral to specialist surgeons for certain procedures.

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