Dental advice and treatment

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Aldinga Vet Services
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Our dentistry service includes a full oral examination and an assessment of each tooth. This is a score system that is permanently recorded for future reference.

Every tooth is visualised, probed and in some instances, x-rayed. All diseased teeth are extracted and remaining healthy teeth are ultrasonically scaled and polished.

Dentistry procedures require a full anaesthetic and every patient is placed on intravenous fluids. Your pet also goes home with pain relief, anti-biotics if indicated, a dental chart, before and after photos and extensive home care notes.

A dental revisit occurs with our Dental Veterinary Nurse 5-10 days after the procedure. This follow-up check includes dietary dental aids and samples and comprehensive advice on dental disease prevention. This is usually free of charge unless other procedures occur at the time.

We also offer free Dental Checks at any time - this requires an appointment.

We strongly recommend an ultrasonic scale and polish at the earliest opportunity if tartar build-up has occurred. This prevents diseased teeth and potentially more complex dentistry work in the future.