Bovine Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy diagnosis is crucial to managing herd reproductive performance. At WVS we offer accurate pregnancy diagnosis carried out by ACV certified vets. This can be done via manual rectal palpation or via a rectal ultrasound probe.

Ultrasound pregnancy testing is performed between 5 and 16 weeks and is accurate in estimating the stage of pregnancy during this period. Both manual and ultrasound guided pregnancy testing becomes less accurate in late gestation.

Pregnancy testing should ideally be carried out between the 5 and 16-week stage for best accuracy results for staging of pregnancy. Accuracy of diagnosis for pregnant versus non-pregnant is 100% after 6 weeks of gestation for both manual palpation and ultrasound.

Herd results can be analysed and discussed on farm or at the clinic.

We tailor specific programs for the needs of each farm once the goals and herd results have been assessed. For an overview of the programs we can develop, check out our Beef & Dairy Services page.

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