Parasites and Your Pet

There’s a huge amount of information on products out there for clients. We want to give you the information easily and simply as all products are not equal and we are there to help you.

Dogs and Cats
Fleas always make us feel dirty and itchy. Fleas are ectoparasites which mean they live on (rather than in) the host. People often consider themselves bad owners if they see fleas on their pets however fleas are clever they can remain dormant in carpets, floors and dirt in anything so a product that kills the whole life cycle is needed. Fleas need a blood meal to start the cycle so will bite your pet and then they’ll scratch; it does make you itchy. In our clinics we have spot on treatments or tablet (which are good if your dogs goes in the dam or at the beach). Fleas are also the host for tapeworm

Worms are endoparasites which means they live in the host. All dogs and cats need a worming regime. A lot of products crossover so this means they kill more than one parasite. We do recommend that your pet is wormed every 3 months or if you have young children every month.

Sarcoptic Mange is also known as fox mange as we are technically rural we do see dogs with fox mange very itchy indeed. Sarcoptic mange is rare in cats.

Heartworm can affect both dogs and cats but we generally treat our dogs as prevention is so much easier than cure. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes. So we have a specific product that is an injection for just heart worm. We start off with a dose for your new pup and another dose at desexing and then proceed yearly.

We have many products that can keep your dogs and cats parasite free. We also have reminder systems and loyalty programs to help you keep up to date and to also help keep the cost down.

Fleas in bunnies spread myxomatosis which is a deadly disease. Rabbits can also pick up cat and dog fleas.
Mites and lice can be common in bunnies and the spot on treatments we have can be used in very small doses to treat them. Regular worming of bunnies is not necessary.

Guinea Pigs
Mange mites, lice, ear mites
Products that are made for Pups and Kittens can be used to treat all of these conditions in Guinea Pigs.However it is important to work out the correct dose for their size.

So as you can see there is a lot to consider when it comes to parasite control. With products that can be used monthly, 3 monthly and yearly, it’s easy to get confused about what might be the best parasite control products for your pet. If you are unsure of what product/s to use on your pet or want to update your parasite control regime give us a call and speak to one of our nurses to get your pet up to date.