Keeping microchip details up to date.

Do you know what database your pets microchip is registered on?

We all know it’s important to keep the details on our pets microchip up to date. But did you realise that your pet might be registered on more than one database? Pets should be registered with Dogs and Cats Online which is the council database, but most pets will also be registered on a national database, like Global Micro, Petsafe, Central Animal Records or Australasian Animal Registry.
It is extremely important that you keep your details current on any database your pet is registered on. If your pet goes missing and is handed into a vet, we will look up all the databases to try and find owner details, this means sometimes we are calling old owners or even breeders who are still registered as the pet’s owner!
If you aren’t sure what details are on your pets microchip, give us a call and we can make a time to scan your pet and help point you in the right direction to getting their chip details up to date!