As the summer months are warming up it’s getting harder to keep the lawn looking lush and green, this brings about an abundance of grass seeds. Here at Willunga and Aldinga Veterinary Clinics we unfortunately see many animals for grass seeds during the summer months.


Grass seeds can be lodged in all different areas of the body. Most commonly we find grass seeds in ears, between toes, in groin, up noses and in the groin. They can also find themselves lodged in eyes and vulvas.



Luckily most dogs will show certain symptoms if they have a grass seeds embedded. Signs your pet has a grass seed can include non healing wounds, mucky/closed eyes, head shaking, sneezing and possible non weight bearing. Although there are signs, not all animals will show these signs. If you are concerned at all best to contact a Veterinary Clinic.


It is important to ensure all animals have their fur around their feet monitored or clipped. It is best to check your pets feet after they come inside as there can be grass seeds stuck in the fur around the feet, and if not removed may make their way into the skin. If you suspect a grass seed may have embedded itself into your pet somehow, it is best to have it looked at by a Veterinarian. Most grass seeds have embedded themselves too deep and local or general anaesthetic is required.