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If the heat this summer has you thinking about installing shade, sprinklers or fans on your dairy farm, the Cool Cows program has just what you need to turn the thought into action.

Published by Dairy Australia, the new Cool Cows book: Shade sprinklers and fans on dairy farms covers the various options and the design considerations to ensure what you install works well on your farm.

Dr Steve Little, who manages Dairy Australia's Cool Cows program, says the book includes a range of ‘real farm' case studies with tips from the farmers and photos highlighting important design elements.

"This is a very practical book. Our aim was to provide the details people need when deciding on a cow cooling solution for their dairy farm. We get right down to the nuts and bolts that make the difference between success and disappointment - things like water pipe diameters, roof pitch angles and fan sizes," said Dr Little.


Where possible the book gives cost indications. And it also covers stock water supply, important - but often overlooked - aspect of heat stress management.

If you haven't already received a copy of the book, it is available from the Dairy Australia Memberline on 1800 004 377. Alternatively all the information in the new booklet is available on Dairy Australia's Cool Cows website www.coolcows.com.au.