The decision to euthanase your pet can be an extremely difficult one and you may never feel like it’s exactly the ‘right time’. It can be hard to think about life without your pet, however euthanasia can be one of the kindest things you can do for your pet when their quality of life is suffering.

The euthanasia process is a fairly simple one and making it as stress free as possible for you and your pet is our number one priority. The vet will generally start by giving your pet sedation; this will help them remain calm and still, allowing the vet to place a catheter (generally in one of your pets front legs). The vet will then give your pet a large dose of anaesthetic, which will painlessly make your pet lose consciousness and pass away.

Euthanasia’s can be done in clinic or at your home, and even though it is a hard thing to think about, it is worth pre planning where you would like your pet to be euthanased if the time comes. There is no right or wrong answer. You may want your pet to be at home surrounded by familiar things or you may prefer to come into the clinic so you don’t associate their last moments with your home.

Another decision that is worth pre planning is what you would like done with your pet’s body. You may want to bury your pet at home or you can have them cremated. We use Eden Hills Pet Cremations, who are a local company for all our cremations. They offer a wide range of urns and mementos which you can view on their website.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and it is important that you give yourself time. We recommend you think ahead as much as you can, to avoid having to make the hard decisions when you are upset. Our staff are always here to talk to regarding euthanasia and your pets quality of life. We also have a range of quality of life handouts that you can use to track your pet’s progress and help you through the decision making when the time comes.

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