WVS & AVS Christmas Party

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WVS & AVS Christmas Party

 We had a great get together at our annual Christmas Party. This year Tracy B came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt. This promptly evolved into a car rally style hunt and everyone was put into themed teams.  Tracy B organised the teams andassigned an alphabetical letter to each one. Then each of the teams had to dress in a theme starting with that letter.  Eg. “T” were Tourists, “C” were Christmas trees, complete with flashing lights!  There were some very funny groups and everyone looked great                                                                           

Neil went to great lengths to set the course. It was like a time trial with cryptic clues and everyone got extra points if they picked up certain items along the way. There were lots of activities to do to earn points for your team, Some of these included, filling a strangers car with petrol, a photo with a stranger, a photo on a stair case, a photo of the whole team in the shower! He even got a few of the local businesses on board. At the Almond Train in McLaren Vale we had to ask for a ticket to Tourega. If you asked this you were given a lovely surprise of some wonderfully flavoured Almonds for your team. That was great; because by the time some of us arrived there we were starting to get a bit peckish. We had two hours to complete the course and return to Willunga for dinner.

The photo on the right is "Grace with the statue, too cute!"

Our local residents were probably a little surprised to see some familiar faces racing around from Willunga, McLaren Vale and Aldinga and back to Willunga again. It was great to have Michael and Glen join us again for the frivolities. Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the fun of the car rally. Keep a look out for us next year!

Here are some pictures of the various teams and the shenanigans they got up to.


The "H' Team on the steps

Michael Pacillo, a photo with a statue

Barry filling a strangers car with petrol


"C" Team shower scene!


Clare off the swing. It had to be a photo of someone in mid air.

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