Why I think Senior Check-ups are the bee's knees!

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As a vet, I find it really easy to recommend regular senior health checks. This is because I see first hand the key benefits that this brings.

To illustrate a simple, little example of this - the last five senior checks that I’ve performed have all lead to some significant benefit for the pet that I’ve been examining. And this isn’t just related to these last few Senior Check-ups I’ve done – it is a consistent pattern.

This recommendation, (this plea!), is not business based. As a dog and cat owner, and a familiar face to many of our clients, I feel quite strongly that there is no better way to care for your senior pet than to give them a regular 6-monthly Senior Check-up with us.

Many of our Senior Check-ups also include blood and urine testing. This is because internal changes are often invisible on the outside. Once we see outward changes there is usually already significant internal damage.

So, to summarise, over the last five Senior Check-ups, I’ve spent a good half an hour of time per consultation discussing some of the things that have been detected – kidney disease for one patient, diabetes in another, severe arthritis for two others and heart disease in my 5th most recent Senior Check. We’ve (clients and I) discussed the best way to manage these diseases, discussed pain medication, lifestyle changes at home, dietary supplements, ongoing ways of monitoring, ways to investigate the problems further (if required) and I’ve also had the opportunity to discuss things to watch out for in regards to general senior health change.

The value in all of this is huge. It provides peace of mind in your senior pet’s health. It allows you to detect and manage diseases before it’s too late.

As your pet's primary caregiver, this gives you the opportunity to maintain their quality of life for as long as possible.

What it the benefit in this? The walks at the beach can continue. The ball throwing and playtime can continue. You may not need to lift your pet in and out of the car. You don’t have to go through the pain of having to watch your beloved companion becoming miserable, sore and withdrawn. It gives you more enjoyable and quality time with your friend.

Like I’ve already said – regular Senior Check-ups are the BEST care you can provide your pet. Don’t just take my word (and passion!) for it. Schedule a Senior Check-up and see for yourself.

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