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What’s your diagnosis?  It's not teeth, nor is it macadamia nuts!










Believe it or not, they are bladder stones removed from Tara, a 12 year old female dog.

Tara came in on a Monday morning having difficulty passing some brown urine.  When we felt her abdomen, there was a large lump present that was uncomfortable for her when it was touched.  We then X-rayed her abdomen and saw many stones inside her bladder.  On the X-ray shown below we have placed arrows around the margin of the bladder, and you can see the stones inside.








Tara had shown no abnormal symptoms until the same day she presented at the clinic with the bladder stones.  Most dogs have symptoms similar to urinary tract infections such as straining and blood in the urine, for weeks beforehand.  However Tara only showed symptoms when when one of the stones caused a blockage in her urethra, which is the tube leading from the bladder to the outside world.  Tara then became an emergency.

She was immediately prepared for major surgery to remove the stones.  Sometimes the simplest utensils make the best tools.  As you can see in the photo below, we used a baby’s feeding spoon to remove the stones from her bladder!








After a lot of bladder rinsing and back flushing of her urethra to make sure no stones were left inside, she was stitched together again, and went home the next day a well and happy dog.

Some of the stones were sent to the USA for analysis.  They have the best facilities for doing this.  Once the composition of the stones are known, Tara’s diet can be altered to ensure they do not recur. 

The rest of the stones are on Tara’s mantelpiece to show off to her friends!

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