Tia's weight loss success

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Tia before the program

Tia is a gorgeous 12-year-old red Kelpie cross with a beautiful nature. She loves spending time with her adoring family, going for walks, lots of pats and swimming at the beach.

Like many much loved pooches, Tia also enjoys mealtime, treats, occasional left overs and a few too many pieces of cheese!

Over time, Tia's weight had crept up to 35kg - at least 7kg heavier than her ideal weight. Her appearance was much plumper than her former self, her energy levels had decreased and she’d been diagnosed with arthritis.

After a consultation at our Aldinga Veterinary Clinic, Tia's family decided it was time to make some changes in order to help her shift some kilos and improve her overall health and well-being.

At the Aldinga Clinic our nurses offer a free weight loss support programme for pets, and in October 2013 Tia became our newest member.

During our initial consultation we performed a body score to determine Tia's body condition and decided that her initial target goal weight would be 29.7kg. We discussed and recorded Tia's current diet and level of exercise and what types of changes could be made to help her achieve this goal.

Once it was decided that the Hills w/d would be the most suitable diet for Tia, we simply worked out how much she’d require daily. This was achieved by calculating how many calories Tia needed on a daily basis to kick start some healthy weight loss. This calorie count was then converted into cups of food.

We also recommended that Tia come in for regular weigh-in's and offered on-going support wherever needed.

Tia's family took all advice on board - they fed her the correct amounts of Hills w/d and cut out the left overs including the regular servings of cheese. They increased the exercise she was already doing and brought her into the clinic for regular weigh in's.

It is now March 2014 and we are so proud and pleased to say that Tia has reached her first target goal weight of 29.7kg. In fact, she now weighs 29.2kg. That's a loss of 5.8kg! She looked amazing when she came to the clinic for her recent weigh in. Bright eyed and more energetic.

Her family have noticed a definite increase in her ability to exercise and say “she now has a spring in her step”. The symptoms of her arthritis have also improved.

She still needs to lose a few more kilos, but is right on track to achieving this.

Well done and a huge congratulations to Tia and her dedicated family. Their commitment has paid off and Tia is much happier and healthier for this. Here's to many more walks, swims and quality family time!

Obesity is a very common disease in dogs and cats. It can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, breathing difficulties and shortens their life span.

A pet's daily calorie intake can creep up quickly. Feeding too many leftovers, treats, barbeque scraps, chicken necks, pigs ears, bacon and simply over feeding regular pet food can all lead to an excess. The more weight they put on, the harder it becomes to exercise in order to lose the weight. We all know how much dogs love exercise - its essential for their physical and mental health.

For dogs and cats that need to lose weight, we recommend feeding diets such as Hills r/d, Hills w/d or Royal Canin Obesity Management. These diets are specifically formulated to assist in weight loss and they are complete, nutritionally balanced diets. Feeding these diets makes it very easy to control the daily calorie intake. All the hard work is done.

We all want our precious pets to stay in our lives for as long as possible. Providing a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will contribute greatly to this.

It's very rewarding for us to see success stories such as Tia's!

Our friendly nurses are always happy to answer any questions pet owners may have in relation to their pet’s weight, diet and exercise. We look forward to welcoming many more pets to our weight loss programme in the future.


Tia after the program

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