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Annette and Dick Inwood have been kind enough to forward "Tamzin's" story for us to share with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

TAMZIN is a tiny, 'toy size' black Pomeranian, weighing 2.2 kilos and is 9 years old. She is the delight of our life. She is very intelligent and able to carry out two commands in the right sequence, I.e. "Go and do a widdle, then get in the car", even if the car is out of sight at our son's house. Once, while walking on a very long beach in Queensland, I had no idea which track we had entered the beach from, as there were many and all looked the same, but when I asked her, she led me straight to it.

She has made up many daily routines, which she sticks to, and has trained us to her requirements. Morning head rub, breakfast while we drink our morning tea, lets us know with sharp barks when she, during her morning playtime with her favourite toy, flicks it out of her reach, and many, many, more. We know who rules our house.

She even raised money at a charity party. One day we realised that by moving her tongue in and out, she could keep in time to my tambourine - to music! I trained her in a routine in only a couple of days. The routine was quite complicated; on separate commands, (which she waited for each time), she jumped on a stool, then on a chair, sat down, then when my husband started the music, (a March from Carmen), she kept in time to my tambourine, even though I changed to long and short beats, and paused. Then she jumped down to the stool, on to the ground, came to my feet and jumped into my arms, and we both bowed. Much money went into her hat for an African village school.

But, at about 6 years of age she started losing her fur and she was diagnosed by the Willunga Vets with black skin disease. Over the next few years she lost most of her tail and body fur. All she had in any abundance was the hair on her legs and head and last year she lost most of the fur on her neck.

The vet recommended Melatonin, which for a few months helped a bit, but then it would stop growing again. So we started buying and making her tiny coats. Friends sent us some they found, including smart Summer singlets. She very soon realised that if she was cold, she only had to come to us, jump up and look us straight in the face and shiver dramatically. We would fetch a coat and she would immediately jump up on the couch, wag her tail, and sit still to have her coat put on. Then she started developing "favourite" coats. One day, I laid out four winter coats and asked which one she would like. She jumped up, sniffed each one and sat on her favourite. (And we have witnesses to this event, which she has since repeated, and it's always the same favourite coat!)

But there is wonderful news about our amazing dog. Last August, when she was entered into the Senior Health Program run at Willunga Vets, her vet found she had arthritis, so we made ramps for her to use to get up on to the couch and another for our bed. As usual she learnt to use these very quickly - even barking at us if we forgot to put one up. She was put on glucosamine and chondroitin for pets and a month later she was also started on Melrose Omega 3 fish oil. Another month later, she started to grow little wisps of black fur, which over the next couple of months increased rapidly. Now she has a luxurious black shiny coat, a 'real' tail, and never asks for a coat! And no arthritis pain.

Thank you, Willunga Vets.


Tamzin after treatment


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  • What a delightful story which I enjoyed reading. As the owner of another 2.5kg. female Yorkie (recently deceased), I can well appreciate how smart Tanzin is because my little Yorkie was very smart too. Her party trick was "dancing" on command for visitors with plenty of pirouettes. May Tanzin continue to delight everyone for many years to come.

    Posted by Barbara Brenchley, 06/03/2013 11:36am (6 years ago)

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