Pea Tree

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It all started with a wolf whistle! Pea Tree

Pea Tree's mum, called 'Yellow Bird', (pictured on our blog - click here), took fancy to my Dad and gave him a wolf whistle.

Taken by surprise, he of course turned his head to find this fancy looking chick, Yellow Bird, carrying on like he was a stunner!

What he didn't realize is that the Indian Ring Neck parrot is exceptionally good at bluffing!

It didn't take long for her take a liking to myself, so she went from Dad's bird to mine in a matter of a short time. Many birds attach themselves to just one person and it wasn't long before she was now my pet to care for!

Yellow Bird had babies a few years ago and the family grew. On the 7th of September this year, it was one of Yellow Bird's off-spring, a green female Ring Neck, that gave birth to her first clutch of chicks.

Sadly her first baby that hatched died, and Pea Tree (another hatchling) had been pushed aside and wasn't far off dying. So I decided to commence the tedious task of hand raising this tiny 5g parrot. The new born chick, which was small and wriggly, was difficult to work with and the utmost care was needed to ensure he didn't get cold. Hand raising this baby from a few days old consisted of continually feeding him every two hours and this meant through the night too! I had to ensure the temperature of the formula was correct and this contributed to maintaining his warmth - if chicks get too cold it can stop digestion.

We used a plastic pipette, a syringe especially designed for hand feeding, and began this delicate task.

Looking at him now, growing fast and now recording a body weight of 65g (remember, he was just 5g) - he has amazed us all. He's beginning to grow his pin feathers and now its a guessing game as to what colour he'll turn out to be. We're suspecting green - his parents are both green.

A special thanks needs to go out to those who may have been affected by this little challenge: Nat my partner (woke every time I fed him), my mum who had to take care of him during my sister's hens night and of course the vets and nurses who kept watch on him. I couldn't have done this without you all and to Joh, Simon and Martin for allowing me to feed him throughout the day at work.

We'll keep you posted as to his progress...

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