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Nurse Kelly is one our fabulous staff at the Aldinga Clinic, When she is not at work she is kept busy with her menagerie of animal (believe us, she has A LOT!). Kelly loves to show her animals, and here is her story of her recent success in doing so at the Adelaide Royal Show - CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!





The Royal Show has a wide variety of animals on display from farm animals (cattle, sheep, poultry, etc) through to domestic pets like dogs, cats and rabbits.

During the show there were many breeds of cats being shown – what most people don’t realise is that a normal house cat (domestic/moggie) can be a show cat!

The criteria for a domestic show cat are that they are healthy, in good condition (not too fat/thin), have a good temperament and are desexed.

I took two of my domestic cats to the show and had them judged. “Broken Promise” known at home as Hamish and “Little Orphan Andy” known at home as Andy.

It was an early start to the day and both Hamish and Andy were groomed and had their nails trimmed – they looked beautiful! On arrival they were checked by the duty vet to make sure they were healthy before they reclined in their show cages for the day.

Each cage can be decorated with curtains and cushions in any color that the owner feels compliments their cat.






Once all the cats were settled in, the judging commenced. Cats were split into groups to be judged; male shorthair, female shorthair, male longhair and female longhair.

The winners from each group are judged to find the best domestic cat of the day.

There are also ‘side classes’ which judges assess specific aspects of the domestic cat such as eye color and grooming.






Hamish got a second and a third in the side classes and Andy got a first and a second.

When the judging is finished the hall is open to the public. The public is then free to view the cats, ask information about them and sometimes even get to pat some of them!

 After a long day, Hamish and Andy curled up in their transport cages and were taken home for a well-deserved rest.

Showing cats can be lots of fun – you don’t have to have an expensive pedigree to be able to do this!

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