Why do I need pet health insurance?

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Veterinary medicine has progressed hugely in the last 10 years and we now have almost all the options of human medicine available to us. Tools such as MRI’s, CT scans, joint replacement surgeries and chemotherapy are becoming more and more available. Unfortunately these tests can still be an un-expected hit to the budget. This means that in today’s veterinary world it is not unusual for owners to find themselves limited by the costs of procedures rather than by the limits of veterinary medicine. These possibilities and the costs associated with them mean that pet insurance is now very appealing to anyone committed to their pet.

Obviously we hope our pets will only see the vet once a year for a health check and then when they are very old, die peacefully in their sleep! The problem is that in the real world, pets do get ill or or injured with little or no warning. The idea of pet insurance is to give you peace of mind that, should there be a calamity, you could afford to have whatever needed doing done and therefore you would not be forced to euthanase your pet for financial reasons. As well as security for your pet's life threatening situations, you also have cover for other everyday problems such as grass seeds, ear infections, cat bite abscesses and stitch-ups. 

Willunga and Aldinga Veterinary Services recommend Petplan Pet Insurance. They have a good range of cover and dogs and cats under the age of 1 year can receive a no obligation 4 weeks free cover through our clinics. They also offer 13 months cover for the cost of 12 months for animals over the age of 1 year old when you insure your older pet. Naturally, pre-existing conditions are not covered under the policy, which is why we recommend starting insurance before disease, illness or accidents happen. We have information available at both clinics. To ensure peace of mind if your pet gets sick please give us a call or pop in to the clinic and enquire about Petplan Pet Health Insurance.

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