Meet Oskar, Fred and Rita’s little battler!

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Oskar turned 15 not too long ago (approximately 76 in doggy years!) and it was an occasion to celebrate.

Oskar is extremely lucky to have such dedicated parents – he is contending with significant arthritis, dental disease, kidney and liver disease and sensitive bowels. What a combination!

Unfortunately, as our pets get older, these sorts of health issues can accumulate.

For Oskar’s owners, their primary concern has always been his quality of life. Through their absolute dedication, love and commitment, they have been able to help Oskar cope with these problems and enjoy the time he has left. We initially thought he might not be around for long but he has turned the corner and just keeps chugging along!

Oskar’s a real character and his own little boss – he loves to tell us what to do and when he’s had enough! We’ve all gotten to know him very well – he has regular acupuncture visits with Clare at our Aldinga clinic and has had numerous check-ups which are ongoing, medication adjustments and blood tests and a very particular diet – all a result of Fred and Rita’s dedication to his senior health and managing his various complaints.

These latter years can be very tough, but ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every parent has the opportunity to be aware of what their options are for their senior furry children. Sometimes, its just about simply knowing what is going on and at other times, it is about trying everything that can be done. Ultimately, our responsibility is to ensure every one of our pets has a good quality of life – this is exactly what Oskar’s owners have done.

Fred and Rita, Congratulations on Oskar’s 15th (76th) birthday!



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