Case of the month "Penny Lees"

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Penny is a 12 year old Border Collie. Her loving owners brought her to the clinic because they were concerned about her continual weight loss. She had some blood tests and xrays indicating she had a chronic disease, but the origin was unknown. We discussed the findings of the tests with Penny's owners and trailed her on some treatment, which included putting her on a high energy diet to encourage weight gain.

Penny came back into the clinic because she had cut her toe and was still losing weight. She was given an anaesthetic and her toe was cleaned and stitched up. At this time some more bloods were taken to screen for changes, as it had been a couple of months since her last blood test. The blood test indicated that Penny had developed anaemia.  Anaemia is a disease where there are insufficient red blood cells to meet the body’s demand for oxygen transport. The blood test also showed some other changes suggesting that Penny was having difficulty digesting her food. It was decided a specific test to check Penny’s pancreatic function was required. The test indicated that her pancreas was no longer making the enzymes required to digest fat. This is consistent with a disease known as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

In order for Penny to have sufficient enzymes to breakdown the fats in her diet she is now being fed fresh pancreas with every meal. The fresh pancreas contains enzymes, which breakdown the fat molecules in food, enabling them to be absorbed and utilised by the body. Since being on this treatment, Penny’s coat is now bright and shiny and she has put on two kilograms in the last month! Thanks to the dedication and loving care of her owners, Penny is now well on her way to looking as bright and healthy as she was as a youngster.

"Penny" looking much happier and healthier since her treatment.

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