Case of the month 1 - Beardy the Bearded Dragon has surgery

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Beardy, the bearded dragon, came to us after an interesting hunt. Beardy had mistaken a bright green pipe cleaner, which was being used as a fashionable leg warmer for a doll, as a tasty piece of lettuce. His concerned owner brought him to the clinic to be examined.

X-rays were taken of his abdomen. The x-rays showed that the pipe cleaner was in Beardy’s stomach. He was scheduled for abdominal surgery the following day.

Beardy was anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. An incision was made along his abdomen. Unlike mammals reptiles do not have a diaphragm, which means that they are unable to breathe when their abdomen is open. This was addressed by artificially breathing for Beardy to ensure that he stayed anaesthetised for the procedure. The pipe cleaner was located and removed through an incision in his intestine. The incisions were sutured closed and Beardy was allowed to recover from the anaesthetic.



 Beardy keeping warm on a heat pad and on oxygen before the operation

 The offending pipe cleaner is removed








Beardy recovering with a warm blanket and oxygen after surgery










With the dedicated care of his family Beardy has made a full recovery, and is back to chasing crickets around his terrarium.

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